Lockboxes and Keys

The Santa Barbara Multiple Listing Service area uses Supra iBox Bluetooth lockboxes, which are available for purchase and programming at the Association.

Lockboxes can be accessed by either an ActiveKEY device or an eKEY smartphone application, both of which are set up for you at the Association. ActiveKEYs are leased annually, while the eKEY service charge is debited monthly.

See a list of compatible smartphones.

See the fee sheet.


Manage your key, lockboxes and Supra account online with SupraWEB.

Learn how to login for the first time, assign and track your lockboxes, view showing activity, create client reports, get an update code, and more with the SupraWEB Guide.


Supra Hotline: 877-699-6787 (5am-7pm, 7 days a week);

SBAOR: 805-884-8615;